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2017CISMA Deduce Wonderful Sewing Charm
The Association leaders and Kaixuan President
2017 China International Sewing Equipment exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Fair Center! Although industry is at a low period, "innovation and upgrading" as the theme of the CISMA2009, still attracted many customers at home and abroad. Using international vision to join the global professional exhibition CISMA is our company development train of throught. Show company's new products and new capacity, discretion, release information, and improve enterprise image.The rising of the fluting attracted many customers both at home and abroad, it becomes the largest spot in hall W3. This is the KAIXUAN company show their new ideas, let Chinese and foreign customers enjoy visiting sewing equipments, Tasting coffee, Watching KAIXUAN folk performances. To reach further understand the cultural and products of KAIXUAN, the red is symbolized festival, the black is as a foil of the red, the style is contracted, generous, fashion, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, the purpose is to reflect the value of KAIXUAN brand and the internationalized orientation.

The company has exhibited three series more than 80 models of cutting machines, industrial sewing machines and domestic sewing machines. Recently, it is an opportunity for sewing machine that the foreign brand deduce their price and the quality, KAIXUAN dares to compare with the international brand in the quality and has taken our great efforts in the core product’s development and promotion. In the  exhibition we’ve shown of KX888 the computer controlled cutting machine which is a new product of our  exclusive research and development, it has been granted the national patent of invention because it has not only the big power (2000W) but also  agile、efficient、accurate and energy-saving, achieving the goal of multi-usage. It is applicable to all kinds of silk, cotton, wool, linen and heavy leather in lots, it is the most ideal cutting equipment of sewing enterprise currently.

The China sewing equipment association director Tian Minyu gave highly evaluation when he saw the development of KAIXUAN. “Deduce Wonderful Sewing Charm”, the vice director of association He Ye also said when she evaluate KAIXUAN changing rapidly.
KAIXUAN takes their full enthusiasm in CISMA2009 and leave an deep impressive for the clients both at home and abroad, which made them have the integrity and the confidence of cooperation with us. KAIXUAN may make friends with the world,take all our great effort to achieve cooperation win-win.

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