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      Dear friends:
      Thanks for your help and support for KAIXUAN company!
      Over the past 25 years, we has achieved great results in sewing equipment field. Now, in the
new strategic development of KAIXUAN, we will assume more important mission to insure KAIXUAN to be the pacesetter in the field.
      The new mission, we put forward to a new challenge for more profound understanding of product, to be more precise to grasp the market, to be more thoughtful for customer services... Kaixuan was train out outstanding team which a "innovation, diligent, high efficiency, unity, practicality" from fear challenges, long-term market test and trade practice. We insist on innovation to Core Ideology for forever, maintain forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, and create KAIXUAN brands, enhance the core-competitiveness of KAIXUAN.
      We firmly believe that KAIXUAN company is the joint efforts of adhering to the KAIXUAN to build a world-class technology enterprise with supporting leadership at all levels of government and trade associations, also became the international of famous brand.
      On Chinese manufacturing from "imitation" to "smart" great mileage, we adhere to KAIXUAN core ideology oriented, sewing glamour, writing the centenary brilliantrom of KAIXUAN.
Zhejiang Kaixuan Sewing machine Co.,Ltd. Chairman   

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